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Private Composer repository with Satis – Part 1

Everyone in PHP world knows what Packagist is. Whenever you need to pull some PHP library with composer, you’ll probably pull it from Packagist. But, what to do with your code that shouldn’t be publicly available? Something reusable, private, and self-hosted? You can pay for private Packagist, but if you already have your own infrastructure, […]

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It’s not just fabrics – it’s more than that…

Castel is a luxury textile brand founded in 2000 by Stephane Silverman. Castel brings a fresh approach in the industry, and has its own classically chic style, recognized all over the world, followed by collections of highest quality fabrics.
Castel lines and fabrics are recognizes between the competition, and Simple Task helped them in the process.

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Fieldbook – your assistant in agriculture production

Simple Task’s team has created many custom applications, using various technologies, to fulfill our client’s needs and desires. Besides that, we have worked on some software solutions on our own. One of them is Fieldbook.

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2nd anniversary in Simple Task – Miloš Zbiljić

We are proud to present you our dear colleague – Miloš Zbiljić. Straight from Dorćol to our office, today is the 2nd anniversary that he is a part of Simple Task! Congrats! Here’s a short story about him, a developer who always has cool socks and a big smile on his face.

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ODOO Stripe Credit Card payment Integration

Are you using Odoo to optimize your daily business activities? Do you use Stripe to collect payments?
If the answer to both questions is YES, then you are in need for Odoo Stripe Credit Cards payment integration!

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Nivo and Simple Task – story about a beautiful friendship

Sometime in spring 2014 two guys from New York Romain and Julian, decided to start their own business. Both being sports fans, it was logical to create a video platform where people would upload their sports recordings. And the idea about Nivo was born.

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21 Reason why Magento is an Excellent eCommerce Platform

Have we convinced you? If you still have your doubts about whether or not to use Magento to build your web store, you are welcome to get in touch with us. We will help you make your decision and show you why we love Magento so much!

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